The Winningest Legendary NFL Coaches & History Of The Forward Pass




National Football League lore is a collection of information that NFL fans retain and share. Since the NFL was founded in 1920 by George Halas and Bert Bell, it has grown from an informal network of teams based mostly in small towns and cities into the most popular and successful sports league in the United States. During the interval between its founding and the present, it has competed for attention with other sports and college football, fended off rival leagues, consolidated the marriage between sports and television, and established an extensive and colorful NFL lore. Largely through the efforts of NFL Films and many sportswriters, some events have become famous in the history of the sport. The story of the National Football League is the greatest success story in the history of American sports. Baseball may always be called “the national pastime,” but in recent decades pro football has become a national obsession. Pro football is now by far the most popular sport in America, its tens of millions of impassioned fans turning the NFL into a rapidly growing multibillion-dollar business. This fall, more than 19 million people will attend an NFL game in person; hundreds of millions more an estimated three out of every four American men, women, and children will watch at least one game on television. The league’s championship game, the Super Bowl, will be celebrated in February as a virtual national holiday, the best day of the year not only for sports, but also for the television, advertising, and snack food industries. For diehard pro football fans, the NFL history that matters most is the history of its great teams, unforgettable games, once-in-a-lifetime plays, and legendary players and its coaches creating the forward pass that revolutionized football. When putting together this list of the all-time greatest NFL coaches, I not only factored in their overall records, but also their influence on the game of pro football. These are the men who either helped found the league, appeared at pivotal times in league history or changed the way the NFL game was played. While Super Bowl wins and appearances also counted for something, they weren t the most important factor. Legendary San Diego Chargers Head Coach Don Coryell, the man who revolutionized the forward passing game and later earned the nickname Air Coryell, He revolutionized the game of football, not only in San Diego, but throughout the entire NFL. Don Coryell was a legend not only with the Chargers but throughout San Diego. Though unfortunately he did not live long enough to see it, hopefully one day his bust will find its proper place in Pro Football s Hall of Fame. He will be missed.

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