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Today, it is nearly possible to name a style or genre of American popular music that solely comes from one culture, except for 85% from Jewish composers, and lyricists. Americans adopted their styles and added their own influences to produce genres of music never before seen. Hollywood and Broadway musicals were dominated by Jewish composers and lyricists. Afro Americans blend different elements of music, but it also introduced an art form which both white and black people could appreciate. By the time of the roaring twenties, the jazz scene had found new black and white audiences. The influence of R&B on white musicians in the 30 s,40s & 50 s led to Swing and to Rock N Roll, composed and performed by Afro s, Italians and Jews. Dominated popular music for the rest of the 20th century. The Italian influence in American music goes even farther back, to the origins of jazz in New Orleans. The best known singers Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine and Dean Martin as pioneers (like Louis Prima), the influences of Italian songs itself are especially fascinating. Italian singers dominated pop music. The intertwining and mixing of cultures from Afro Americans, Italians and Jews was what made American popular music. As American popular music continues to grow and mingle, it is important to know how it all started early 1900 s.

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As see on TV!!

As see on TV!!


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