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The Hebrew Bible became an important foundation upon which the new American nation was built. It was the Bible that first proclaimed that liberty should be proclaimed throughout the land, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. For 350 years, the Jews made important contributions to American science, education, labor, arts, entertainment, sports, politics, law, medicine, the military and the economy. Jews helped shape popular culture and championed the causes of equal rights, separation of church and state, the preservation of capitalism, and freedom of religion. With only 16 million Jews in the world, 8 million Jews in Israel and 7 million Jews in America.The Jewish people have a high success rate for making incalculable contributions to our world. There s Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity (among other things), and Jonas Salk the developer of the first polio vaccine. We have Anne Frank whose diary from the Holocaust has been read by many and Golda Mier known as the mother of modern Israel and the only woman Prime Minister. Jews created new businesses being funded from Jewish banks. Among these were Sears and Roebuck, F.W. Woolworth Company, May Department Stores Company, Gimbel Brothers, Inc. R.H. Macy & Company, The Studebaker Corporation, B.F.Goodrich Co., Standard Oil, Carnegie Steel, General Electric, RCA, and Endicott Johnson Corporation, Google, Dunkin Donuts, and others. The motion picture industry created by Jews, Warner Brothers, Marcus Lowe, Louis B. Mayer, Jacob (Jack) Cohn, William Fox and other Jews. The radio and television founders were all Jewish. David Sarnoff – RCA & NBC, William S. Paley CBS and other Jews. Major League Baseball 12 franchises are owned by Jews. National Football League -NFL 28 franchises are owned by Jews National Basketball Association -NBA 30 franchises are owned by Jews. Many historians who have studied the story of Haym Salomon suggest that without his contribution to the cause, there would be no America today. Obama tear down the wall against the Jews and pay the Solomon family the money our country owes (Today’s money one billion dollars) And what about Jewish media personalities watched worldwide? Wolf Blitzer from CNN began his journalism career in Tel Aviv, Israel in the 1970 s. Barbara Walters, Republican conservative Bob Turner, even as America’s most prominent conservative analysts today include deeply conservative voices like Mark Levin and Michael Savage, as well as mainstream conservative thinkers like Ben Stein, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Charles Krauthammer, Jeff Jacoby, and Rabbis like Daniel Lapin and Aryeh Spero. They continue in a tradition going back to American Jewish conservatives and libertarians like Norman Podhoretz, Milton Friedman and even Ayn Rand (renamed from Alisa Rosenbaum). Jewish entertainers in television and in movies, names were changed from Emmanuel Goldenberg to Edward G. Robinson, Leo Jacob to Lee J. Cobb, Bernie Schwartz to Tony Curtis, Betty Perske to Lauren Bacall, Jacob Julius Garfinkle to John Garfield. They were changed from Judith Tuvim to Judy Holliday, Benjamin Kubelsky to Jack Benny, Joseph Abraham Gottlieb to Joey Bishop, Jacob Cohen to Rodney Dangerfield, Arthur Leonard Rosenberg to Tony Randall. There s also Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, Goldie Hawn and Dustin Hoffman all actors with Jewish heritage.. Even within the last fifteen years, we have the introduction of Google, Inc. by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They developed Google as a research product while still in school at Stanford and incorporated it in 1998. Brin was born in Russia in 1973. Page, also born in 1973, was raised without religion though he is the son of a Jewish mother.

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