The History of Italian Music




So much can be said about Italian music that a book like this could only list some of the most influential styles of music that Italy has been known for.From classical to opera, folk and pop, progressive rock and crossover, Italian composers and performers can all be included in the World Hall of Fame. The classical music of Italy is considered to be melodic and romantic as heard in Puccini and Verdi’s works, but it can also stretch to experimental and the base of the early Neapolitan songs. It has been said Italian crooners are as plentiful as the stars and as alike as pennies in a pond. I will grant that Italian singers are plentiful, but they are as unique from one another as they are many, with each one bringing something different of himself to his music. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Vic Damone, Al Martino, Tony Bennet, Bobby Darin and many others personify the great Italian American singers.

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