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For diehard college and pro football fans, the NFL and COLLEGE history that matters most is the history of its great teams, unforgettable games, once-in-a-lifetime plays, and legendary players. The story of the National Football League is the greatest success story in the history of American sports. Baseball may always be called “the national pastime,” but in recent decades pro football has become a national obsession. Pro football is now by far the most popular sport in America, its tens of millions of impassioned fans turning the NFL into a rapidly growing multibillion-dollar business. This fall, more than 19 million people will attend an NFL game in person; hundreds of millions more-an estimated three out of every four American men, women, and children-will watch at least one game on television. During college football season in America, every Saturday is a new adventure for fans. Millions of fans attend tailgate parties and games or go to their favorite restaurant or bar to cheer on their college in that day’s football game. Fans dress in war paint, wear jerseys of star players and root for their team whether win or lose! About Author About the Author Harvey Sheldon disc jockey, Conservative Talk Show Host composer, big swing band leader, entertainer, lecturer, musicologist, and historian-author of 15 published books on history of music. acclaimed and prolific author and historian of American, Jewish, Afro Cuban Latin and Italian music. Created & donated $ 2 1/2 million establishing The Harvey Sheldon Rock N’Roll Video Research Library at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles – 1998 Created & donated $3 million to establish first in the nation The Harvey Sheldon Jewish American Music Video Research & Holocaust Library in his home town in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania-2000. Created & donated $ 3 1/2 million to establish The Harvey Sheldon American Music History Video Research Library at the University of Pennsylvania. Showcasing the music of Gershwin, Kern, Berlin,Arlen,Rodgers &Hart,Rodgers & Hammerstein,Lerner & Lowe from Broadway to the Rock n’ Roll era “Harvey Sheldon’s gift makes the University of Pennsylvania Library the first in the nation to have such a research collection. Unlike other discrete collections of Jewish American music or film, the Sheldon collection provides a visual window into understanding how Jews helped to create Broadway musicals, Jazz and other entertainment genres from the 1920’s through the 1990’s.” Arthur Kiron-Curator of Judaica Collections-University of Pennsylvania

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