The History of Afro Cuban Latin American Music




George Gershwin introduced Afro Cuban Music in America in 1926. Xavier Cugat during the 1930’s introduced The Rumba dance had America dancing through the 40’s. Hollywood featured him in many musicals.Three great innovations based on Cuban music hit the USA after World War II: the first was Cubop, the latest Latin jazz fusion. In this, Mario Bauza and the Machito orchestra on the Cuban side and Dizzy Gillespie on the American side were prime movers. The rumbustious conguero Chano Pozo was also important, for he introduced jazz musicians to basic Cuban rhythms. Cuban jazz has continued to be a significant influence. The big hits included Que rico el mambo (Mambo Jambo); Mambo#5; Mambo #8; Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. The later (1955) hit Patricia was a mambo/rock fusion. Mambo of the Prado kind was more a descendent of the son and the guaracha than the danzón. In the U.S. the mambo craze lasted from about 1950 to 1956, ollowed it was considerable. Other big bands followed were Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Noro Morales

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