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I have made a complete search of all books on the subject of the history of Philadelphia music as complete as I have written and found NONE.Covering the following subjects- Classical-Opera-Jazz-Pop-Rock N’Roll and The Yiddish Musical Theaters- Bio’s of Singers-Musicians-Song Writers-Disc Jockeys Theaters-Night Clubs-Ballrooms-Summer Stock.The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is home to a vibrant and well-documented musical heritage, stretching back to colonial times. Innovations in classical music, opera, popular, swing, R&B, jazz and soul have earned the music of Philadelphia national and international renown. Philadelphia’s musical institutions have long played an important role in the music of Pennsylvania, as well as a nationwide impact, especially in the early development of pop music. Philadelphia’s diverse population has also given it a reputation for styles ranging from dancehall to Irish and Italian traditional music, Jewish music as well as a thriving classical music scene. The city has played an equally prominent role in developing popular music. In the Golden Age of Music 1940′ 50’s and the early years of rock and roll, a number of South Philadelphia-born popular vocalists made Philadelphia and popular music virtually synonymous, including Eddie Fisher, Lillian Roth, Kitty Kallen, Al Martino, Mario Lanza, Jeanette MacDonald, The Four Aces, of Pop music and to rock artists of Chubby Checker, Frankie Avalon, Gogi Grant and Bobby Rydell. This led to the airing of the popular dance show of Bob Horn’s Bandstand, from Philadelphia, hosted by Bob Horn on WFIL TV Channel 6 studios at 46th and Market Streets at the time, where teenagers would descend in droves after school to be televised dancing to the latest hits on the pop charts in front of a very large Philadelphia TV audience. Bandstand biggest hit “The Bunny Hop” dance created by Harvey Sheldon and Dimples in 1952. Harvey Sheldon became Philly’s First TV Teenage Idol

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