Killing of Jews




Why were 150 million of Jews persecuted, killed and massacred? By Popes of Rome, CHRISTAINS and MUSLIMS right through Europe and the Middle East for the past 2000 years? Even today, many people would like to see Israel and its Jewish People wiped off the map. Why? The Popes of Rome POSTULATED! Harvey Sheldon highly respected and critically acclaimed Jewish author and historian. He has 11 published 11 books on Jewish history and its culture more than any Jewish authors. 1-HISTORY OF JEWISH COMEDY 2-HISTORY OF JEWISH MUSIC 3-THE MIRACULOUS PEOPLE 4-MIRACULOUS MUSICAL MARRIAGE 5-HISTORY OF GOLDEN AGE OF YIDDISH 6-EMMIS 7-MIRACLOUS CULTURE 8-MIRACULOUS JEWISH IMMIGRATION 9-WHITE HOUSE SCANDALS 10-CHABAH MIRACULOUS HISTORY 11-KILLING OF JEWS Harvey Sheldon in 1949 was honoured by Israel s first president Chaim Weitzman Harvey Sheldon being the only Jewish author-historian to create and donate 31/2 million Dollars having a library named after him at the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA.. Sheldon donated a vast of videos of Jewish music, Jewish American music from its Song writers-composers and musicians. Historical documentaries and feature films. Thank you Harvey Sheldon for entrusting the Penn libraries with this meaningful gift in kind . Your philanthropy helps the Penn Libraries not only to succeed, but to thrive. Together Harvey Sheldon we can uphold the role of the Penn Libraries in fueling the University’s leadership as a preeminent institution and a champion of education. Your thoughtful gift benefits students, faculty, and researchers in their scholarly inquires, offering resources that that the Libraries might not have. Tina Skov Cowan – Director, Development University of Pennsylvania Libraries On behalf of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, I gratefully acknowledge your contribution. Your gift will help Penn advance its position as a leading academic research and service institution. Stephen D.Golding Vice President and Treasurer University of Pennsylvania During the past 2,000 years, European Jews have migrated extensively. From Portugal to Turkey, Jews have been attacked, by CATHOLICS-CHRISTAINS and MUSLIMS banished, and forced to choose between death and converting to the prevailing religion. Homes and buildings of worship have been destroyed. Jewish people have moved away from hostile situations, sometimes voluntarily but very often by force, in search of more tolerant communities. The Catholic Church considered the Jews pestilent for two thousand years, put them in ghettos, etc, because it recognized the Jews for what they were …. I recognize the representatives of this race as pestilent for the state and for the Church . Roman Catholic Popes-POSTULATED- Jews were forbidden to make wills, to receive inheritances, to give testimony in court, or to perform any other legal act. From now on they would be second class citizens. The next emperor, Roman Catholic Popes, produced a new code in 529 confirming their legal disabilities. This code would be influential for many hundreds of years. Marriage between Christian and Jew was confirmed as a capital offence. Synagogues were sequestered and converted into churches. The burning down of synagogues was also explicitly made legal. Many bishops and monks now saints took advantage of the revised law to commit acts of arson. In 538 a Church Council at Orléans again condemned intermarriage. It prohibited Christians and Jews eating together, or mixing at all during Holy Week Regulations affected all facets of life. Jews were not permitted to give medical aid to Christians or to receive it from them. By the end of the sixth century they were being subjected to forcible baptism. A Church Council in Toledo in 694 declared all Jews to be slaves. Their possessions were to be confiscated and their children seized to be conve

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