Encyclopedia Of The History Of Broadway-Hollywood Swing And Pop Music Vol 2.




Up till 1900 America had no music of its very own or its very own culture. With the arrival of millions of Jews coming from Russia, and they created a musical marriage with Afro Americans and Italian Americans and would create American music and culture in less than 10 years. Broadway composers and lyricists like the brothers George and Ira Gershwin. Jerome Kern and Rodgers and Hart created a uniquely American theatrical style that used American vernacular speech and music. Musicals featured popular songs and fast-paced plots that often revolved around love and romance. The United States has produced many popular musicians and composers from Russian Jewish Immigrants, and next generation and singers. Along with Italians and Afro Americans which have continued to lead the field of popular music, which out of all the contributions made by American composers to world culture .has been taken to heart by the entire world Flo Ziegfeld and George White Broadway producers soon to follow Hollywood producers introduced beautiful girls having outrageous bodies with gorgeous legs and no fat touches and lavish sexy costumes. The Jewish producers and directors knew what Americans wanted and what the German Americans were not doing. Sex and Love Sells! That is the “Emmis”. Just as the Jewish American composers and lyricists created music and lyrics that Americans loved. It happened only because Americans loved their music and knew finally they had their own music and culture, now being American. Not to forget that Americans would spend their money to enjoy this music, from radio, records, movies, night clubs and from Broadway Musicals. Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor singing became millionaires, as did Jerome Kern, Rodgers and Hart, George Gershwin left an estate of $ 250,000,000.00 today that would be a billion dollars be nearly 3 billion dollars today. The other composers became millionaires all during the GREAT DEPPRESSION. Only in America – Never In Europe.

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