Encyclopedia Of The History Of Broadway-Hollywood Swing And Pop Music Vol 1.




This extremely comprehensive history of my book provides information on many aspects of musical theater: from the history of stage and film musicals to reviews and essays on current and past productions; from profiles of New York City venues that have housed musicals to an encouraging guide. The history of Tin Pan Alley to the Brill building of America’s greatest pop music ever written from the 20’s to the 50’s. The history of the Big Band Swing Era and of the Afro Cuban Big Bands. Also find several chapters on unique topics, like ” What is a Film Score?,” Bio’s of all major composers and lyricists. Special Feature sections with in-depth information of important figures and topics in the world of Broadway and Hollywood musicals and from the Big Swing Big Band Era. You will learn about some of the most important musicals ever written. Start with the introduction to musical theater history, which is followed links to musicals from “Show Boat ,”Annie Get Your Gun” through to “The Wizard of Oz.” complete with information about the historical relevance of the shows. America at the turn of the 20th century lacking a national culture was to emerge into a revolutionary change brought on from newly arrived immigrants from Russian Jews and Italians with Afro Americans. Radio, records, television, internet,Movies, pop concerts and night clubs did not exist for entertainment. America had only grand opera and imported European performances. Across the country theaters did not exist, only beer halls. The newly arriving Russian Jewish immigrants would build beautiful, lavish palace type theaters in the major cities of America, because America had none. American lives and experiences and seeing the technology of changes, fashions, music ,singing, dancing and the new habits of entertainment for all classes of Americans. The political impact and how this made America better place and influenced the world to their new forms of music…from Broadway musical revues, to musical comedy from Broadway to Hollywood, records, radio, movies and live performances. Coming to America they realized they had new found freedom because of the Free Enterprise- Capitalistic economic system. They were taught that to acquire wealth that “The greatest risk is not taking the risk”. They took the risk. The newly arrived Russian Jewish immigrants would create and invent the movie industry. Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, Paramount, Metro Goldwyn and Mayer (MGM), and others. General Sarnoff creating R.C.A. record company and the manufacturing of radio’s, and N.B.C. radio network, William S. Paley would create C.B.S. radio network and Columbia record company. All of them, the composers, lyricists, singers, and musicians leading the Big Swing Bands would emerge as millionaires in wealth and create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans. All of the movie producers built hundreds of new theaters across America. Later they would create the television industry. This meant that all of America could afford to this new form of music and entertainment, even during the years of the Great Depression. Without the Federal Government intervening, all of this wealth and creations of nearly a million jobs of the confidence and faith in the American Way

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