About the Author

Harvey Sheldon dedicated his life in preserving rock n’ roll, golden age music & big swing bands.
Pioneering sports & conservative talk shows. Creating and donating historical music libraries
and of the Holocaust at the University of Pennsylvania.

Harvey Sheldon disc jockey, Conservative Talk Show Host, composer, big swing band leader,
entertainer, lecturer, musicologist, and historian-author of 30 published books on history of
music. Acclaimed prolific author and historian of American, Jewish, Afro Cuban Latin and
Italian music. In 1952 on Bob Horn’s Bandstand became Philly’s First TEENAGE IDOL

Sheldon Philanthropist
Sheldon a former Philadelphia disc jockey on WHAT in the early 1950’s, an entertainer, a music
historian and lecturer rocked the philanthropic establishment by creating and donating the
world’s first…The Harvey Sheldon Rock N’Roll Music Video History Research library in his
home town of Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. In preserving the history of the
birth and of the founding fathers of American music he created and donated and was named, The
Harvey Sheldon Jewish American Music Video History Research Library at the University of
Pennsylvania, it was the first in the nation.

Created & donated $ 2 1/2 million establishing The Harvey Sheldon Rock N’Roll Video
Research Library at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles – 1998 Created &
donated $3 million to establish first in the nation The Harvey Sheldon Jewish American Music
Video Research & Holocaust Library in his home town in Philadelphia at the University of
Pennsylvania- in 2000.

Created & donated $ 3 1/2 million to establish The Harvey Sheldon American Music History
Video Research Library at the University of Pennsylvania. Showcasing the music of Gershwin,
Kern, Berlin, Arlen, Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Lowe from Broadway
to the Rock n’ Roll era.

“Harvey Sheldon’s gift makes the University of Pennsylvania Library the first in the nation to have
such a research collection. Unlike other discrete collections of Jewish American music or film, the
Sheldon collection provides a visual window into understanding how Jews helped to create
Broadway musicals, Jazz and other entertainment genres from the 1920’s through the 1990’s.”
Arthur Kiron-Curator of Judaica Collections-University of Pennsylvania

Thank you Harvey Sheldon for entrusting the Penn libraries with this meaningful gift in kind . Your
philanthropy helps the Penn Libraries not only to succeed, but to thrive. Together Harvey Sheldon we
can uphold the role of the Penn Libraries in fueling the University’s leadership as a preeminent
institution and a champion of education. Your thoughtful gift benefits students, faculty, and
researchers in their scholarly inquires, offering resources that that the Libraries might not have.
Tina Skov Cowan – Director, Development University of Pennsylvania Libraries
On behalf of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, I gratefully acknowledge your
contribution. Your gift will help Penn advance its position as a leading academic research and service
Stephen D.Golding Vice President and Treasurer University of Pennsylvania

“The Bunny Hop, the life story of Harvey Sheldon, has all the elements of a great movie because it is
a story filled with great romantic love, scandals, Mafia, night clubs, show biz and the golden era of
pop music during the 1950’s….How Harvey Sheldon and Bob Horn would create Bandstand in
Philadelphia, 1952 at WFIL TV.”
Marcie Alexander-Screen/Movie Agent